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Smart Meter IC
Single Phase Meter IC

Single Phase Meter IC


  • < 0.1% Wh accuracy over 2000:1 range.

  • Exceeds IEC62053-22/ANSI C12.20 standard

  • Single Phase Meter IC with high accuracy ADC with SNR > 80 dB

  • Single Phase Meter IC support CT and Shunt measurement

  • Built-in internal temperature and battery sensor with 10-bit ADC

  • Built-in PLL (32.768K to 16MHz)

  • DSP-MCU dual core with 8051 compatible programming

  • 16KB data memory space

  • 64KB program space

  • 5 Timers + Watch dog timer

  • 3 UARTs for IR、AMR and extended communication

  • Low power consumption RTC with frequency adjust capability

  • I 2C interface

  • SPI interface

  • Up to 57 general purpose I/O pins

  • LCD driver with charge pump(up to 160 pixels)

  • Clock rate programmable and shut down for each block

  • 128-lead LQFP package

product datasheet download (1.6 MB)