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Power Measurement Instrument
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Multi Circuit Power Meter

True RMS energy and power parameters measurement in compact size
Max. 12 channels for single phase or 4 channels for three phase, can be extended to 24 channels for single phase or 8 channels three phase
External CTs for retrofit applications ranges from 5A up to 500A supported
Multiple wiring mode:3P3W、3P4W、1P2W、1P3W、1P3W+1P2W or 1P3W、3P4W+1P2W、3P3W+1P2W
Flexible configuration capability in each channel
Built-in standard double RS485 communication ports
Optional module available(RS485 or Ethernet)
PA60-DM-en (650 KB)
PA60 is a multi-circuit and multi-function meter, designed for general single phase or poly phase power measurement, with wide measuring range, it can be applied either on low voltage primary side or medium/high voltage secondary side for its high accuracy under 5A current. PA60 equipped with clip-on CT, standard communication, small size and low cost.