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Single Phase
Single Phase Energy Meter-IEC Type

Single Phase Energy Meter-IEC Type


  • Class 0.5 revenue accuracy (IEC65032-21, IEC65032-22)

  • With wide range of current measurement function, I max. up to 100A

  • Low starting currentI start 10 mA

  • Bi-direction energy measurementcan evaluate the deliver/receive power and the net in(out )of power measurement

  • Multi-tariff with TOU (up to 8 tariffs)flexible in the season, holiday and rate type setting

  • Build-in IEC1107 communication port, provide communication option board like RS-485, ZigBee, GPRS, PLC

  • Supporting one button group meter reading with handheld device through RF (ZigBee).

  • Configurable block or rolling demand

  • Provide several function of anti-tamper, includes Illegal Access, Abnormal Magnetic Field, Bypass line, Zero missing.

  • Wide range of operation temperature -30~70

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